MALDI MS Analysis Kits and Reagents

CovalX offers MALDI MS analysis kit and stabilizer reagent dedicated to High-Mass MALDI MS analysis of protein-protein interactions. For each protein complex mass range, you will find a dedicated kit or reagent.


MALDI MS Analysis kits and Reagents for protein interactions

Mass Range

Part No

K50 MALDI MS Analysis Kit 0-50 kDa 2008k50
K100 MALDI MS Analysis Kit 20-100 kDa 2008k100
K200 MALDI MS Analysis Kit 100-1000kDa 2008k200
R50 MALDI MS Analysis reagent 0-50 kDa 2008R50
R100 MALDI MS Analysis reagent 20-100 kDa 2008R100
R200 MALDI MS Analysis reagent 100-1000kDa 2008R200
Calibration Kits C150 Calibration 0-150 kDa 2008c150
Calibration kits C450 Calibration 0-450 kDa 2008c450

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