HM2 systems: CovalX introduces the new reference for High-Mass MALDI mass spectrometry


CovalX introduces its next generation of High-Mass MALDI detection systems based on unique conversion dynode technology. HM2 and HM2 TUVO High-Mass systems allow unmatched detection of macromolecular ions up to 1.2 MDa with nM sensitivity, a key feature for your intact protein-protein interactions analysis.

The HM2 system is the new reference for the detection of high-molecular weight macromolecules. HM2 TUVO offers the same features of HM2 with the additional capability to analyse ions in both positive and negative mode.

CovalX HM2 and HM2 TUVO are controlled wirelessly using the CovalX's IPod Touch application. To switch between High-Mass and Stantard detection or between positive and negative modes (TUVO), simply press a button on the touch screen of your CovalX's IPod controller. More...