Applied Biosystems and CovalX work together for High-Mass MALDI analysis

CovalX AG today announced the establishment of an agreement for the retrofit of CovalX’s HM1 High-Mass System on Applied Biosystems MALDI ToF mass spectrometers Voyagers, 4700 and 4800.  

The agreement will allow Applied Biosystems customers to take benefits of CovalX’s systems for interaction analysis, protein profiling and therapeutic proteins characterization. CovalX’s HM1 High-Mass System will be implemented on Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX MALDI TOF Voyager series, 4700 and 4800 to allow analysis of interacting macromolecular ions up to 1’000’000 Da.  

The object of the agreement is to offer to Applied Biosystems customers a leading technology in MALDI High-Mass analysis and to maintain service and support for the instruments equipped with CovalX HM1 High-Mass Systems.