CovalX and Applied Biosystems announce High-Mass Systems availability for the new AB SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800



CovalX and Applied Biosystems (NASDAQ: LIFE) announce the availability of CovalX's High-Mass systems for the new AB SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 system.

Intact protein molecular weights of up to 150kDa are routinely achieved using the new AB SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 system due to the high-sensitivity in-line linear detection system. To detect intact proteins and complexes up to 1 million Daltons in molecular weight, the 5800 System can be upgraded with the CovalX  High Mass Systems without any loss in factory performance.

The upgrade allows increasing sensitivity and lower saturation for the detection of complex mixtures of proteins. Additional cross-linking technology from CovalX allows to analyze intact  protein complexes in the 10-1000 kDa range. The operator can choose between high mass detection and normal detection in a few seconds simply by pressing a button.

More details on upgrading the AB SCIEX TOF/TOF™ 5800 with CovalX's High-Mass system.