CovalX and PANATecs anounce cooperation agreement for laboratory analytical services based on High-Mass MALDI Technology.


Date: May 8th, 2009

From Zurich, Switzerland


CovalX AG of Zurich, Switzerland and PANATecs GmbH of Tübingen, Germany announced today that they have entered into a cooperation agreement to expand the offer of laboratory services based on CovalX technology to ISO 9001-2008 certified service.


CovalX has developed a new generation of high-molecular-weight molecule detection system and unique cross-linking reagents capable of characterizing proteins and protein complexes with vastly improved sensitivity. The CovalX High-Mass system retrofits to most major MALDI-ToF mass spectrometers. CovalX is offering equipment and laboratory services to the life science industry based on this technology.


PANATecs is offering analytical services for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the field of protein characterization conform to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

The cooperation agreement between CovalX and PANATecs is leading to implementation of CovalX Technology in PANATecs’ ISO°9001-2008 certified analytical laboratories.


"CovalX Technology and applications offer a unique new approach, opening our service portfolio to interaction analysis, a key element of therapeutic protein quality control" said Dr. Benedikt Merz, Managing director of PANATecs GmbH.


"We are very excited to expand our service portfolio conform to ISO 9001-2008 standards with our partner PANATecs. We have now a solution for our service customers requiring ISO certification for their analysis." said Dr. Alexis Nazabal, C.E.O. of CovalX AG.


About CovalX

CovalX AG was founded in 2005 and has become a leading provider of technology and services in the field of High-Mass MALDI analysis of proteins and protein interactions. With support offices in Europe, North America and Japan, CovalX is a global company offering leading products and services for major pharmaceutical companies as well as academic laboratories. CovalX is developing innovative analysis solutions for the characterization of therapeutic proteins and protein interactions for the life science industry.


About PANATecs

PANATecs GmbH is a German based spin out of the University of Tübingen celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2009. PANATecs offers mass spectrometry based analytics of protein therapeutics for their customers in the pharma and biotech industries.

With asuccessful expansion financing of 5 Mio. Euro early this year PANATecs is expanding its technology portfolio heading for GMP-conform operations.