CovalX's HM1 now available for ABI 4800 MALDI ToF-ToF

CovalX's HM1 High-Mass System has been installed succesfully on Applied Biosytems 4800 MALDI ToF ToF instrument in the laboratory of Prof. Ruedi Aebersold at the Institute for Molecular System Biology, ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland. CovalX HM1 High-Mass System has passed succesfully specifications and its implementation on the 4800 did not change any of the features of the instrument.

The installation of HM1 High-Mass System allows Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI ToF ToF instruments to analyze proteins and protein interactions up to 1 MDa with sub micromolar sensitivity. The specification test comparing HM1 and standard detection on 4800 MALDI ToF ToF is available on request at


CovalX's HM1 High-Mass system retrofit on Applied Biosystems 4800 MALDI ToF-ToF intrument