Patents and Publications

15Jun 2023

Transferrin Receptor (tfr)-selective Binding Peptides Capable of Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier and Methods of Use Thereof

Inventors Pawel Stocki, Krzysztof Bartlomiej Wicher, Jaroslaw Michal Szary, Julia Lynn Rutkowski Assignees Ossianix Inc Abstract The present invention relates ...
25May 2023

Methods For Treating Anemia of Kidney Disease

Inventors Brian Macdonald, John QUISEL, Will SAVAGE, Hua Yang, Jonathan Yu, Min Wu, Maria BECONI, Jennifer M. Perez, Bernhard Mueller, ...
06Apr 2023

Mertk Peptides and Uses Thereof

Inventors Masoud Tavazoie, Isabel Kurth, Shugaku Takeda, David M. Darst Assignees MERTK (mer proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase) Abstract The present disclosure ...
22Dec 2022

Therapeutic Uses of Anti-TcR Delta Variable 1 Antibodies

Inventors Natalie Mount, Oxana Polyakova, Robert Good, Mark Uden, Raj Jaysukhlal Mehta, Oliver Nussbaumer Assignees Gamma Delta Therapeutics Ltd Abstract ...
24Nov 2022

Anti-TNFR2 Antibodies and Methods of Use

Inventors Erin L. Filbert, Sushma Krishnan, Christine Tan, Rena Bahjat, Xiaodong Yang, Ryan Alvarado Assignees Apexigen Inc Abstract Provided are ...
10Nov 2022

Humanized, Mouse or Chimeric anti-cd47 Monoclonal Antibodies

Inventors Marie Chãlons-Cottavoz, Mehdi Lahmar, Klaus Schwamborn, Nicola Beltraminelli, Stéphanie Fallot, Pierre Garrone Assignees Blink Biomedical SAS Forty ...
10Nov 2022

Anti-Hemojuvelin (HJV) Antibodies for Treating Myelofibrosis

Inventors Maria Beconi, Brian Macdonald, Bernhard Mueller, Jennifer M. Perez, Andreas Popp, John Quisel, Steven Robinette Assignees AbbVie Deutschland GmbH ...
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