Chugoku Shimbun

Dienstag, 14. März 2006
(English Translation)

Collaboration of University Ventures
Distribution of Swiss Analytical Equipment
Used for drug discovery by companies in Hiroshima

Picture: President Masujima of HUMANIX and Dr. Nazabal, CEO of CovalX, at the signing ceremony (at Hiroshima prefectural government)

A spin-off venture company of Hiroshima University called HUMANIX (Minami-ku, Hiroshima City), which produces analytical instruments of biological molecules, and CovalX, a venture company of a Swiss university, concluded a sales contract on March 13 for distributing the protein mass analyzing equipment of CovalX in Japan. The equipment will be used for drug discovery and other applications. This is the first time that the equipment is to be sold in Japan. Through this international collaboration between the spin-off ventures of universities, they aim at expanding their businesses.

The device can be retrofit to conventional mass spectrometers widely used by universities and pharmaceutical companies. With this device, the range of measurement will be expanded so that high mass molecules can be measured. The price of the device is about six million yen. It is less expensive than newly introducing a whole state-of-the art equipment to measure high mass molecules.

The president of HUMANIX (founded in August 2004) is Prof. Tsutomu Masujima of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of Hiroshima University. Contrary to the product of CovalX, the analyzer developed by HUMANIX is suited for measuring low to medium mass molecules.

Prof. Masujima visited Europe in November last year as a member of the business mission organized by Hiroshima Prefecture and Hiroshima University and has been negotiating with CovalX for this contract.

The signing ceremony was held this day at the Hiroshima prefectural government. Prof. Masujima said, “In addition to business activities, I would also like to contribute to the society by introducing the results of research works from Switzerland to Japan.” Alexis Nazabal, CEO of CovalX, said, “We have acquired a great partner.” (By Akihiko Kanaya)