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Montag, 8. Mai 2006

RH 100 Europe: Biosciences

Red Herring magazine’s top private European companies for 2006.
May 8, 2006 Print Issue


Location Zurich, Switzerland


Founded 2005

CEO Alexis Nazabal

Employees 5

Funding N/A

Key Investors N/A

CovalX has developed a method to measure interactions between different proteins using a combination of technologies to stabilize the interaction and to measure the total molecular weight of the complex. This could be useful for drug developers looking for new targets, or trying to optimize experimental compounds such as antibodies. The young company sells laboratory tools to enable others to use this method, such as chemical kits, molecular mass detectors, software, and robotics. Although in its early days, CovalX already has several well-known research institutions as customers, and is conveniently situated to find big pharma customers in the future.