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This service provides the intact molecular weight of a protein sample from 50 kiloDalton up to 2 MegaDalton.  It can be done on the intact protein or even with intact protein complexes.  Because of our unique technology of high mass MALDI detection at CovalX, we routinely measure the mass of intact molecules into the MegaDalton range.  This is a technology invented by CovalX and offered exclusively through our CRO services.  See more about high mass detection here.


High-Mass MALDI ToF mass spectra of intact IgM hexamer. IgM can be present as a pentamer (approx 950kDa) or hexamer (as shown). These differences can be directly detected with the CovalX high mass MALDI detection.

CovalX utilizes the latest mass spectrometry instrumentation for Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spec analysis.  Our instruments can identify ions in both positive and negative ion mode if required.  We have several high mass MALDI instruments allowing singly charged ion detection up to 2 MDa.


Although we prefer samples to be of the highest purity and concentrations possible, MALDI is a more tolerant technique for "dirty" or difficult samples. Our typical analysis involves a dilutions series of measurements with pre-cleanup steps possible as well.

  • Sample types: Recombinant proteins, purified proteins
  • Data turn around: Two weeks or less

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