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Protein/Peptide De Novo Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry

De novo sequencing is the process of determining the amino acid sequence of a protein-based directly on the fragment ions detected in the mass spectrometer.  Using special algorithms, our analysis software can interpret and assign the sequences without prior database knowledge from the protein.  De novo sequencing is often used for bio-similar antibody characterization, developing drugs toward commercially antibody reagents or resolving ambiguity from gene sequencing of the mAb.

This sequence information from a protein is important in order to study the biological function or to confirm proper identification of a product.  Previously, protein sequencing was done by Edman degradation using a protein sequencer. However, this process has now been superseded by mass spectrometry due to the speed and accuracy of the tools now available.

CovalX has access to a full range of the latest  mass spectrometry equipment with both MALDI and ESI ionization.  Sequencing is typically conducted using high-resolution nano-LC OrbiTrap detection.

  • Sample requirements: 100-400ug of recombinant proteins, purified proteins
  • Data turn around: 3-6 weeks

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