National Biotechnology Conference 2021 – Virtual

This year CovalX will be attending a virtual 2021 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference (NBC) from May 17th – 20th hosted by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

NBC brings hundreds of pharmaceutical professionals from industry, academia and regulatory organizations. NBC 2021 is going to follow a track-based structure which consists of three scientific tracks that include: Next in Sequence? Nucleic-Acid-Based Therapies: Current State and Future Promise, Antibody Therapies: Tackling New Frontiers and Cell-Based Therapies: The Future of Regenerative Medicine. NBC will also feature Connect 360, an AI-powered matchmaking platform, to drive partner-attendee engagement. It brings various networking features such as an option to search through attendees, provides recommendations based on your connections, and an online video chat option.

A member of our scientific team, Ryan Wenzel, will be there to answer any questions regarding our epitope mapping and protein analysis services to support your scientific research. If you are attending the event or would like to reach us after the event contact us via, +1(617) 297 2263 or