ETH Zürich grants CovalX a Worldwide Exclusive License for the patent covering new cross-linking molecules

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zürich) grants CovalX a Worldwide Exclusive License for the patent covering newly discovered cross-linking molecules.

The ETH is a science and technology university located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland and regularly ranked among the top universities in the world. The licensed molecules, object of the agreement, have been developed in the frame of a KTI collaborative program between the group of Professor Renato Zenobi at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences and CovalX.

The new cross-linking molecules developed show better kinetics and efficiency properties, two critical features for the improvement of protein interaction analysis by mass spectrometry. The properties of the new molecules have been recently described in a peer reviewed scientific article by Bich et al (Anal. Chem., 201082 (1), pp 172–179).

“This agreement is the conclusion of several years of fruitful collaborations between CovalX and ETH in the field of cross-linking chemistry. This collaboration started in 2007, when CovalX received a grant from the KTI federal program. Three years after starting the research program, ETHZ and CovalX were able to patent a new type of cross-linking molecules with outstanding properties when compared with commercially availble molecules. This is a very good exemple of public/private collaboration with high scientific impact" said Dr. Ryan Wenzel, Chief Scientific Officer of the Swiss company.

The new cross-linking molecules are available from CovalX in the stabilization kits K50, K100 and K200.