CovalX and ASPEC Technologies Limited Announce Partnership for distribution of CovalX’s High-Mass systems in China.

February 25, 2014

CovalX and ASPEC Technologies Limited Announce Partnership for distribution of CovalX’s High-Mass systems in China.

Providing the greater China region with sales, marketing and support to CovalX’s unique technologies for protein interaction and macromolecular analysis by mass spectrometry

Zürich (Switzerland) and Beijing (China), 25 February 2014: CovalX AG and ASPEC Technologies Limited today announced a new agreement that will allow the CovalX products for high mass detection and characterization of protein interactions to penetrate the greater China markets.

This agreement draws upon CovalX´s experience as a leader in providing novel tools and unique applications for intact protein-protein interaction and macromolecular analysis, and ASPEC’s strong partnerships and infrastructure within the greater China region.  By using CovalX’s products and services for characterizing macromolecules and protein interactions ASPEC customers will have exclusive access to this unique technology in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Alexis Nazabal, CEO of CovalX AG, commented: "CovalX has been working to share our products in growing markets throughout the world.  We have seen strong growth for many of our new products, namely our services for protein aggregation and epitope mapping characterization.  With this partnership, CovalX now has a strong presence in the fast growing China regions.  This is an exciting opportunity for CovalX to offer our cutting edge technologies for characterizing protein interactions with such a knowledgeable team of ASPEC.  They have long been known to us as a leading distributor of mass spectrometry based tools and services for the China markets and we are exciting for the opportunity to work together."

Currently manufacturing the third generation of high mass detection systems, the HM3, CovalX´s technology is already well recognized as a unique tool for protein-protein interactions analysis, which includes stoichiometry, biotherapeutic aggregation, epitope mapping and immunocomplex characterization; all key applications for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  CovalX also has been greatly expanding its CRO analytics facilities to offer a full range of analytical characterization directly to customers.

ASPEC Technologies Limited is a leading provider of mass spectrometric and proteomics products and supplies to the premier proteomics research centers and mass spectrometry laboratories in China. For years ASPEC has been cultivating relationships with academic and industrial partners throughout China.  ASPEC has been a leading distributor of cutting edge technologies and services in the mass spectrometry and related fields.

“With this strategic collaboration ASPEC strengthens its position as a leader of science and technology products in the greater China markets.  The unique CovalX technologies for characterizing protein interactions fit well into our portfolio of cutting edge products and we are exciting to bring these to the rapidly growing China markets. ” said Charles Liu, Ph.D. – President and CTO of ASPEC Technologies Limited.


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About CovalX
CovalX is the market leader in intact protein complex analysis using high mass MALDI based technology with headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland and a North American subsidiary in Saugus, MA.  CovalX also supports sales/distribution across Europe, in Japan, Korea, Russia and now China. The technology and applications are protected by a strong patent portfolio. Target groups consist primarily of life science research laboratories and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. CovalX focuses on biotech analytics as the prime area for future growth. The company currently has released its third generation of high mass MALDI detection systems on the market with a range of stabilization chemistries and data analysis software for applications characterizing protein interactions. CovalX also offers a full CRO analytics service featuring all of its novel applications directly to customers.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, the company is privately held.
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About ASPEC Technologies Limited
ASPEC Technologies Limited develops solutions to help advance innovation in science and technologies in the Greater China markets. The company supports scientists and professionals in the academic and government research, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, clinical, and other applied markets and life science industries by providing premier bio-analytical instrumentation, services, and consulting.

Based in Hong Kong with branch offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China.
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