Covalx technology used on Patent Aplication.

Boston, MA: Covalx announces the use of Covalx technology in two important scientific projects: 1. “The United States Patent Application 20180237535: PD-L1 ANTIBODIES BINDING CANINE PD-L1. "Morsey, Mohamad (Omaha, NE, US), Zhang, Yuanzheng (Edison, NJ, US), Bartels-morozov, Denise (Fremont, NE, US), Erskine, Jason (Omaha, NE, US), Tarpey, Ian (St. Ives, GB)". Publication Date: 08/23/2018,” Read more. and 2. “The Research Article: Extremely stable high molecular mass soluble multiprotein complex from eggs of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius with phosphatase activity. published on Wiley, Journal of Molecular Recognition, June 2018".  Read more.

A recent patent application shows the use of Covalx technology for mapping of PD-L1 Epitopes: a method based on chemical cross-linking and mass spectroscopy detection to identify the epitopes recognized by anti-canine PD-L1 mAbs. Also, the research article use Covalx's technology to analyze all proteins of three SPCs by MALDI?TOF mass spectrometry with the CovalX AG high?mass detector HM1(Zurich, Switzerland). This is evidence that the Covalx's mission to serve scientists is becoming realized. 

CovalX is a global company offering leading products and services for Epitope Mapping by both Crosslinking Mass Spectrometry and Hydrogen Deuterium eXchange. As well, we offer a unique technology of high mass MALDI detection and ESI ionization. We are the leaders of Accurate Protein Interactions Analysis by Mass Spec.