CovalX equipment demonstrates benefits for MALDI Imaging

MALDI imaging been the hot topic with the mass spectrometry community over the last several years. With most instrument manufacturers now designing equipment and software packages specifically focussed on providing this capabilities. The idea is to apply a thin tissue segment to the instruments sample plate and then aquire a 2-dimensional image with high spatial resolution as well as chemical identification. This technique shows strong promise in areas such as cancer detection/evaluation as well as metabalomics for the medical communities.

Recently, researchers from the Lieden University Medical Center in The Netherlands led by Dr. Liam McDonnell were able to demonstrate how utilizing the standard CovalX HM1 hardware equiped on a commercial mass spectrometer was able to provide significant benefits versus standard detection techniques. The researchers found that many more and higher mass proteins were detected in the tissues when utilizing the CovalX equipment.

The entire results from this research were published in the Journal of the…