CovalX’s Cross-linking Reagent patented in Europe

Zürich – February 13th 2014

The European Patent Office (EPO) has granted a European Patent (10724365.1-1453) to CovalX AG for new cross-linking reagents to characterize protein-protein interaction by mass spectrometry.

The new reagents allow to cross-link intact protein complexes (including therapeutic proteins, antibody/antigens, antibody aggregates) with better efficiency and kinetic properties, enhancing mass spectrometric detection.

The patented cross-linkers are used in our stabilization kits (K50, K100 and K200).They have been described in a peer reviewed scientifc article. Reactivity and Applications of New Amine Reactive Cross-Linker for Mass Spectrometry Detection of Protein Complexes. Bich, C et al.