The European Patent Office grants CovalX a new patent for the analysis of Therapeutic Protein Aggregates

Zürich – August 25th 2010.

The European Patent Office has granted a European Patent (07 857 687.3) to CovalX AG (Schlieren), claiming for a new method to characterize therapeutic protein aggregates based on MALDI mass spectrometry.

The method of the invention allows the direct analysis of therapeutic protein aggregqates in a very broad mass range (currently up to 2 MDa) with nM sensitivity. The method can be applied in most formulation buffers and allows to characterize the stoechiometry and the ratios of the aggregates detected.

The method takes benefits of specially developed cross-linking molecules, allowing fast and efficient stabilization of the aggregates and a unique high-mass detection system allowing nM detection of the complexes up to 2 MDa.