MegaTOF™ Megadalton MALDI Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu and CovalX have partnered to offer an integrated MALDI solution for ultrahigh mass applications.

The MegaTOFTM has been developed by optimizing the integration of a high-performance Shimadzu linear MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with CovalX high-mass system, allowing outstanding detection of macromolecules up to 1500 kDa.

MegaTOFTM MALDI MS gives access to a broad range of applications, including direct analysis of protein-protein interactions such as complexes or biopharmaceutical aggregates. For these analyses, CovalX developed special cross-linking reagents and buffers for fast and specific stabilization of protein interactions. The reagents contain ‘cocktails’ of cross-linkers with different spacer lengths able to covalently bind specific protein complexes with a high degree of efficiency. The specificity facilitates the stabilization of covalent protein complexes – even in contaminated or unpurified samples.

The High-Mass MALDI applications are also available for the existing Shimadzu AXIMA MALDI (Assurance, Confidence, Performance) by retrofitting CovalX’s high-mass MALDI detection system on these instruments.

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