CovalX Mission Statement

CovalX Mission

In everything we do, we aim to fulfill our mission to serve scientists. CovalX strives to serve scientists by offering leading technology for the development of therapeutics, clinical tests, and research in the field of protein interactions.


The success of CovalX depends on the superior scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement in all through the application of the scientific approach. We see the scientific method as a multi-step process that includes designing the right experiment, developing the right products, and making the right decisions. Applying the scientific method in all parts of the organization is expected and highly valued.

Ensure Quality

Quality is a key element of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality for innovation, production, decision, and people. We focus on high-quality products and services.

Work in Team

CovalX works quickly to move scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the marketplace. Our team structure provides opportunities for CovalX's staff to impact the direction of the organization, to gain a broader perspective of other functions within CovalX and to reach their full potential.

Be Ethical

We are applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services, and communications.