CovalX HM5
CovalX HM5

HM5 High Mass Detection System

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CovalX HM5 High Mass Detection System

A decade in development, CovalX is proud to announce our fifth generation in a series of High-Mass MALDI detection systems based on a unique conversion dynode technology. The CovalX HM5 and HM5 Pearl High-Mass systems enable unmatched detection of macromolecular ions into the MegaDalton range with nM sensitivity. The HM5 Pearl offers all the benefits in sensitivity and saturation you have come to trust from CovalX while keeping an emphasis on value. The HM5 system is the latest flagship reference for the detection of high molecular weight macromolecules.

The HM5 Flagship High Mass Detection System

The CovalX HM5 High Mass Detection retrofit systems incorporate every piece of technology possible for detection of high mass ions at the most sensitive levels.

The Conversion Dynodes and detection elements are specifically selected for thie highest senstivity and all available features are included. Both positive and negative ion detection come standard. Integrated software featuring full control and monitoring of the detector system. Specifically designed for ultrahigh mass applications with detection to 2MDa and above.

Fifth Generation High-Mass Detector Retrofit Systems Comparison HM5 Pearl HM5
Full compatibility with any MALDI Instrument (Shimadzu, Bruker, ABSciex)
Integrated Software Control
Automated switching between High-Mass & Standard Detection
Detection of macromolecules and protein complexes up to 1 MDa
Positive Ion Detection
Detection of macromolecules and protein complexes to 2 MDa and above
Negative Ion Detection

HM5 backpage diagram

All High-Mass systems are available for every standard MALDI ToF mass spectrometers:

  • Bruker: UltrafleXtreme, Autoflex Speed and all previous models.
  • Shimadzu Kratos: Axima series.
  • Sciex: 5800, 4800 and all previous models.

No Change in Manufacturer Warranties and Services

Installing a CovalX HM5 High-Mass System on your MALDI ToF mass spectrometer does not change any of the warranties or service contracts you may have with Bruker, Shimadzu or Sciex.

CovalX’s HM5 are controlled locally using the CovalX’s PC based application directly on the instrument interface. To switch between High-Mass detection and standard detection or between positive and negative ion detection modes, simply click a button on the screen and the system changes detectors automatically.

CovalX HM5 High-Mass Systems does not change any of the previous features of your MALDI ToF instrument. After the retrofit, the standard detector in the linear mode is not removed. The operator can choose between high mass detection and normal detection in a few seconds simply by clicking a button on the PC of instrument.

With CovalX HM5 High-Mass Systems you can have access to the following applications

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