Binding Proteins Comprising At Least Two Repeat Domains Against HER2



Ulrike Fiedler, Ignacio Dolado, and Heike Strobel


  1. MOLECULAR PARTNERS AG, Zurich-Schlieren (CH)


The present invention relates to a recombinant binding protein comprising at least a first and a second repeat domain, wherein each of said two repeat domains binds the extracellular region of HER2 and wherein said repeat domains are covalently linked.

CovalX Technology Mentioned

Epitope Mapping


Using chemical cross-linking, the interaction between the bipartatopic DARPins of the inventions with the HER2 ectodomain were analyzed. The complex was cross-linked, digested with a protease and then analyzed by mass spectroscopy. Certain regions of the DARPin have the ability to be covalently crosslinked with certain regions of HER2, but only if they are close together. When mass spectroscopy was performed, it was found that the covalently crosslinked peptides from the DARPin  were close to the corresponding HER2 peptide in the complex. The ability to perform proximity analysis of complexes such as the DARPin/HER2 complex is known as epitope mapping and can be performed by companies such as CovalX.

Patent Number

US2015/0299265 A1

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