Patents and Publications

27Nov 2023

Epitope Mapping of Monoclonal Antibodies: A Comprehensive Comparison of Different Technologies

Authors Xibei Danga, Lars Guelenb, David Lutje Hulsikb, Grigori Ermakova, Edward J. Hsieha, Joost Kreijtzb, Judith Stammen-Vogelzangsb, Imke Lodewijksb, Astrid ...
15Jun 2023

Transferrin Receptor (tfr)-selective Binding Peptides Capable of Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier and Methods of Use Thereof

Inventors Pawel Stocki, Krzysztof Bartlomiej Wicher, Jaroslaw Michal Szary, Julia Lynn Rutkowski Assignees Ossianix Inc Abstract The present invention relates ...
25May 2023

Methods For Treating Anemia of Kidney Disease

Inventors Brian Macdonald, John QUISEL, Will SAVAGE, Hua Yang, Jonathan Yu, Min Wu, Maria BECONI, Jennifer M. Perez, Bernhard Mueller, ...
15Apr 2023

Development of a Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer Capable of Analyzing Megadalton MALDI Ions

Authors Avinash A. Patila, Zhe-Xuan Liua, Yi-Pang Chiua, Th? Khánh Ly L?ia, Szu-Wei Choub, Chun-Yen Chengb, Wen-Min Suc, ...
06Apr 2023

Mertk Peptides and Uses Thereof

Inventors Masoud Tavazoie, Isabel Kurth, Shugaku Takeda, David M. Darst Assignees MERTK (mer proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase) Abstract The present disclosure ...
27Feb 2023

Discovery and Optimization of Neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies Using ALTHEA Gold Plus Libraries™

Authors Omar U. Guzmán-Bringas1,2, Keyla M. Gómez-Castellano1,2, Edith González-González1,2, Juana Salinas-Trujano1,2, Said Vázquez-Leyva1,2, Luis Vallejo-Castillo1,2, ...
09Jan 2023

Mapping of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Antigenic Sites Recognized by Single-Domain Antibodies Reveals Different 146S Particle Specific Sites and Particle Flexibility

Authors Michiel M. Harmsen1, Haozhou Li2,3, Shiqi Sun3, Wim H. M. van der Poel1,2 and Aldo Dekker1 Organizations Wageningen Bioveterinary ...
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