CD9P-1-Targeting Antibody and Use Thereof



Sylvie Colin


Gene Signal International SA (Lausanne, CH)


The present disclosure relates to an isolated protein that inhibits the CD9P-1 pathway, preferably that inhibits the CD9P-1stabilin-1 pathway and/or the CD9P-1TRAF-2 pathway, in particular to an isolated antibody against human CD9P-1, and to the use thereof in therapeutic or diagnostic methods.

CovalX Technology Used

Epitope Mapping


The immune tolerance to a tumor and a reduction of cell migration can be caused by the inhibition of CD9P1/Stabilin-1 to the human CD9P-1 pathway. The Epitope mapping technology, HDX-MS, offered by CovalX was used in this patent to detect the epitope of human CD9P1 antigen by the mouse anti-CD9P1 (9bF4mAb). A protein complex was created using 9bF4 mAb and human CD9P1 extracellular domain (Strep-CD9P1-ECD). This protein complex was then incubated with deuterated cross-linkers which are subjected to multi-enzymatic proteolytic cleavage. These cross-linked peptide samples were analyzed by high resolution MALDI mass spectrometry. In this patent, it was demonstrated that the invented protein/antibody can cause degradation and/or internalization of CD9P1, stabilin-1 and TRAF-2.


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