Covalx technology used on Patent Aplication.

Boston, MA: Covalx announces the use of Covalx technology in two important scientific projects: 1. “The United States Patent Application 20180237535: PD-L1 ANTIBODIES BINDING CANINE PD-L1. “Morsey, Mohamad (Omaha, NE, US), Zhang, Yuanzheng (Edison, NJ, US), Bartels-morozov, Denise (Fremont, NE, US), Erskine, Jason (Omaha, NE, US), Tarpey, Ian (St. Ives, GB)”. Publication Date: 08/23/2018,” Read more. and 2. “The Research Article: Extremely stable high molecular mass soluble multiprotein complex from eggs of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius with phosphatase activity. published on Wiley, Journal of Molecular Recognition, June 2018″.  Read more.

A recent patent application shows the use of Covalx technology for mapping of PD-L1 Epitopes: a method based on chemical cross-linking and mass spectroscopy detection to identify the epitopes recognized by anti-canine PD-L1