MegaTOF MALDI Mass Spectrometer: A New MALDI Instrument by Shimadzu and CovalX

Shimadzu and CovalX have partnered to offer an integrated MALDI solution for ultrahigh mass applications. The MegaTOFTM has been developed by optimizing the integration of a high performance Shimadzu linear MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with CovalX high-mass system, allowing outstanding detection of macromolecules up to 1500 kDa. MegaTOFTM MALDI MS gives access to a broad range of applications, including direct analysis of protein-protein interactions such as complexes or biopharmaceutical aggregates. For these analyses, CovalX developed special cross-linking reagents and buffers for a fast and specific stabilization of protein interactions. The reagents contain ‘cocktails’ of cross-linkers with different spacer lengths able to covalently bind specification.