Try CovalX’s HM2 on the Shimadzu Axima Performance

The latest generation of CovalX’s High-Mass MALDI detection system, HM2, is available for demonstration in combination with the Shimadzu Axima Performance MALDI ToF in the demonstration laboratory of Shimadzu Scientific Insttrument in Columbia, MD, USA.

The use of CovalX HM2 in conjonction with the Axima Performance MALDI ToF allows detection of macromolecules up to 1200 kDa for the direct analysis of portein and protein-protein interactions. The characterization of Antibody/antigen interactions; protein complex stoechiometry; therapeutic PEG proteins and therapeutic protein aggregates are now possible with outstanding accuracy and sensitivity.

The demonstration of HM2 on the Shimadzu Axima Performance is now available for our North American customers. For any information