One Kind of Detection Method And Use of Albumin As a Screening Tool in Solid Tumors



Guo Yulong, Wang Shanshan, Zhang Jing, Zhang Li,and Zhang Fang


  1. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The invention provides a detection method of albumin as a solid tumor screening index and application. Particularly, the detection method firstly finds that the content of albumin in tumor tissues (such as thyroid tissues) is obviously higher than the content of albumin in para-carcinoma tissues (or para-carcinoma normal tissues), so that the albumin can be used a marker for distinguishing the tumor tissues (such as thyroid tissues) and the para-carcinoma tissues (or para-carcinoma normal tissues), and can be used for detecting or assisting to detect the tumors (such as thyroid tumors)

CovalX Technology Used



Tissue samples were collected and stored in 1.5 mL cryotubes. 10-50mg of frozen tissue was removed and 10 yL/mg of RTPA lysate was added so that the final concentration of PMSF was Imol/mL. A homogenization tube was used at 4 °C and then the samples were centrifuged for 5 to 10 minutes at 12,000g. The supernatant was removed and placed in a 5 mL EP tube before being stored at 4 °C.

A matrix was created using sinapic acid (10 mg/mL) in acetonitrile and water with 0.1% TFA. The sample was mixed with the matrix in a ratio of 40:1 and then placed on a MALDI target plate and allowed to dry. The samples were analyzed using a mass spectrometer that had been modified with a CovalX HM3 detection system. Researchers used mass spectrometry to determine the albumin content in both normal tissues and solid tumor tissues.

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