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CovalX HM5

OmegaToF – Compact MALDI-TOF Solution

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CovalX OmegaToF – Compact MALDI-TOF Solution

CovalX in collaboration with Shimadzu is proud to announce the latest innovative solution for High-Mass detection in a benchtop MALDI platform. The OMEGATOF, a compact footprint with high-end technology to achieve maximum High-Mass MALDI Analysis performance; making this mass spectrometer an ideal choice for the growing needs of detecting large molecules and intact protein complexes in analytical labs.

The OMEGATOF instrument provides outstanding sensitivity for high-molecular weight macromolecules. Large molecules and protein complex mixtures can now be analyzed with the highest sensitivity and lowest saturation levels.

CovalX technology is now fully supported from our collaborators at Shimadzu on the benchtop OmegaTOF mass spectrometer. This OMEGATOF, is the only benchtop MALDI instruments dedicated for large molecule and protein complex detection. Several unique applications have already been demonstrated directly on the OMEGATOF including:

Online Webinar

OmegaTOF: Large molecule biotherapeutics and protein interaction analysis on a benchtop platform

Officially Presented: September 08, 2022

The OMEGATOF technology allows users to conveniently access the full range of CovalX applications: Antibody CharacterizationProtein Complex Characterization, and Therapeutic Protein Aggregates Characterization

OmegaTOF Latest Features

  • High-Sensitivity: Up to 1.5 MDa
  • Faster: Rapid Sample Introduction, 200 Hz Laser
  • Benchtop Design: Compact Footprint, Easy Transport, and Installation
  • Cost-Efficient: Affordable, Low Maintenance Cost

OmegaTOF Featured Applications

Antibody Characterization Protein Complex Characterization Therapeutic Protein Aggregate Characterization
Binding Stoichiometry Stoichiometry of the complex Direct detection of aggregates
Sandwich assays Identification of interaction partners Detection of higher order complexes
Identification of immuno-complexes Effect of small molecules on protein complexes Discrete measurement of aggregates
Detection of bivalent complexes Multi-subunit analysis Distinguish covalent vs. noncovalent

OmegaTΩF Real Sample Situations

Intact Monoclonal Antibody Detection

Figure 1. Detected are clusters of IgG at 150, 300, 450 and 600 kDa which are formed during the MALDI ionization process. This demonstrates not only the sensitivity of the OMEGATΩF but the lack of saturation under abundant ion signals.

MegaDalton IgM Direct Detection

Figure 2. The sensitivity of OMEGATΩF for high-molecular weight macromolecules enable the detection of hexameric IgM monomers at 1.20 MDa.

OmegaTΩF, the power of CovalX Technology Inside

Shimadzu and CovalX have partnered to offer the ultimate MALDI solution for ultra-high-mass applications. For over a decade, CovalX has provided the most sensitive equipment for large molecule detection by MALDI mass spec. With a focus on protein interactions, CovalX offers you the most advanced tools.

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