Biopolymer, Implant Comprising it and Uses Thereof



Jose Carlos Rodriguez Cabello


  1. Universidad de Valladolid 47002 Valladolid (ES)


The present invention relates to a biopolymer, bioactive and totally biocompatible, very fluid at ambient temperature, capable of getting in a sudden manner at 37 C, forming a solid implant, structurally integral and continuous having high mechnical properties. the biopolymer comprises at least a bioactive domain capable of directing in a precise manner the formation of a solid or semisolid implant. Furthermore the invention relates to any of the nucleic acids encoding the amino acid sequence of the biopolymer, implants, pharmaceutically acceptable vehicles, uses thereof, and a method of synthesis thereof.

CovalX Technology Used



In order to determine the molecular weight of proteins detected in the self-gelling elastin-like copolymers, MALDI ToF analysis was performed. To find the molecular weights, a mass spectrometer that had been equipped with a CovalX HM2 detection system was used. To analyze the data, the CovalX Complex Tracker software was used.  Self-gelling elastin-like copolymer A had a molecular weight of 12,253 ±18 Da while the control had a molecular weight of 92,897 ±19 Da with both measurements falling within the 0.3% variation deemed acceptable for MALDI mass spectrometry.

Patent Number

EP2397150 A1

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