Antibodies to Canine Interleukin-4 Receptor Alpha



Mohamad Morsey and Yuan-zheng Zhang


  1. Intervet International B.V. [NL/NL]; Wim de Korverstraat 35, 5831 AN Boxmeer (NL)
  2. Intervet Inc., Madison, NJ (US)


The present invention discloses antibodies and blocking antibodies to canine IL-4 receptor alpha that have specific sequences and a high binding affinity for canine IL-4 receptor or α. The present invention also discloses the use of the antibodies of the present invention in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs. The present invention further discloses unique epitopes that bind to the antibodies to canine IL-4 receptor alpha.

CovalX Technology Used

Epitope Mapping


In order to identify the epitopes that are recognized by anti-canine IL-4 receptor alpha mAbs, CovalX completed epitope mapping. From this service, it was able to be determined that the 6 mAbs recognized specific peptide epitopes (two or three per antibody tested) that are within the extracellular domain of canine IL-4 receptor alpha. For mAbs 2E2, one of the epitopes that was identified was found to have the exact same amino acid sequence as the epitope for mAbs 1 1B6. mAbs 4D8, 1 1H2, and 1 1B6 all recognize an epitope that is from the same linear amino acid sequence. mAbs 1 1H2, 4H3, and 2E2 all recognize another epitope that is a portion of a different linear amino acid sequence. Finally, it was found that mAbs 4H3 and 2H2 recognize an epitope that is a portion of yet another amino acid sequence. Thus, it can be suggested that because of the overlap with the epitopes recognized by the six monoclonal antibodies, there is a limited number of portions of canine Il-4 receptor alpha that these antibodies can identify within the extracellular domain.

Patent Number

WO2016/156588 A1

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